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ChipWrights offers a complete Software Development Kit (SDK) for its System-on-Chips. The software environment is based on the Eclipse™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) but can also be used with simple makefiles. The Eclipse IDE includes plugins for the assembler, compiler, and linker for the ChipWrights ViSP devices and is preconfigured with the GNU assembler, compiler, and linker for the ARM® processor.

An Eclipse plugin connects the industry-standard GNU Debugger (GDB) interface with both the ARM and the ChipWrights ViSP processors via JTAG pods. The SDK includes software simulators for all processors. Developers can work with the simulators using the same GDB interface that they debug on the actual hardware.

ChipWrights Development Environment

Software developers use the SDK to create, build, and debug software in C/C++ and ChipWrights C-like Assembly (CAS) languages for the CWvX processors and in C/C++ and ARM Assembly for the ARM processor.

The software can be debugged in the software emulation environment, or on the hardware directly via separate JTAG debug interfaces for the ChipWrights ViSP and the ARM processors. When the Linux OS is running on the ARM, the same debug techniques can be applied over the local area network to all processors.

The ChipWrights SDK is released as a completely pre-configured Linux-based Virtual Machine. All of the tools are installed and running and includes sample software to build immediately.

Software Development Options

Windows users can:

  • Install the supplied VMWare player. Develop in the Virtual Machine environment using the Eclipse IDE (no Linux experience necessary). Performance is excellent.

  • Install the supplied VMWare player. Develop on the Virtual Machine using ChipWrights and GNU command line tools and standard Linux development techniques, such as makefiles.

  • Request Windows-based versions of the ChipWrights compiler, assembler and linker. Develop in a pre-existing Windows-based framework. (Note: this is not a standard release. Eclipse is not supported on Windows).

Linux users can:

  • Install the supplied VMWare player. Develop in the Virtual Machine environment using the Eclipse IDE or any standard Linux-based environment, such as makefiles.

  • Install Eclipse on a local Linux operating system. Copy the /usr/localChipWrights utilities from the Virtual Machine to the local operating system. Develop with IDE or makefiles in their native environment. (ChipWrights does not support IDE issues due to Linux variants [rare]).



  • Unified and flexible development environment

  • Quick and easy startup; preconfigured and working VM

  • Short time to productivity: ChipWrights provides low level code and libraries

  • For standard applications, developers do not need to develop software for the ChipWrights ViSP processors at all. A binary is provided which supports the major functions. Clear APIs are defined so they are accessible from the ARM processor

  • Proven hardware platform (HDK or IPTV reference designs) removes many variables from the initial software development

  • Developers can begin with ChipWrights sample applications and extend functionality at a high level