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Software Development Kit - Programmable System-on-Chips

ChipWrights' Software Development Kit (SDK) is an integrated development environment (IDE) that extends the Eclipse® IDE to support software development for the CWvX System-on-Chips. The SDK provides a unified environment where developers can create, build, and debug software in the C/C++ and C-Like Assembly (CAS) source languages for the CWvX and ARM® processors, execution platforms, and target processors. The linked applications can run on the CWvX Simulator, ChipWrights' hardware development boards and reference designs or custom boards.



SDK Benefits
  • Unified and flexible development environment

  • Quick and easy startup; preconfigured and working VM

  • Short time to productivity: ChipWrights provides low level code and libraries

  • For standard applications, developers do not need to develop software for the ChipWrights ViSP processors at all. A binary is provided which supports the major functions. Clear APIs are defined so they are accessible from the ARM processor

  • Proven hardware platform (HDK, 360-degree or IPTV reference designs) removes many variables from the initial software development

  • Developers can begin with ChipWrights sample applications and extend functionality at a high level