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Hardware Reference Designs

Develop IPTV Set Top Boxes, IP Cameras

ChipWrights’ reference designs let you quickly build new—or improve existing—multimedia designs based on our proven hardware reference designs.
IPTV Set Top Box Mini

IPTV Reference Design - Mini Platform

Based on ChipWrights' powerful and proven CW5631 System-on-Chip platform, the Mini IPTV reference design is a turnkey solution that offers a fully optimized platform for designing advanced IPTV set top boxes at a low cost. OEMs get excellent results fast.

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IPTV Set Top Box Deluxe

IPTV Reference Design - Deluxe Platform

ChipWrights’ Deluxe IPTV reference design combines the powerful CW5631 System-on-Chip and extensible software platform to create an all-in-one solution for developers looking to create a premium IPTV set top box. This IPTV reference design includes advanced IPTV features such as S-Video and HDMI video outputs, USB-OTG, Compact Flash memory, and support for SATA hard drives.

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5 megapixel camera

High Resolution IP Cameras

ChipWrights' series of 360 degree IP camera reference designs feature the power and versatility of the CW5631 System-on-Chip platform. Offerings include 2 megapixel and 5 megapixel 360 degree camera reference designs.

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