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360 degree camera

New Production-Ready High Definition 5MP Camera Reference Design

September 20, 2011

New 5MP camera reference design is a ready-to-manufacture 360-degree IP camera system that provides the flexibility and extra processing power to add unique features, such as image enhancement; unique sensor technology; and video analytics, such as face detection or virtual tripwires.

360 degree camera

New High-Quality, Low-Power Image Sensor Color Pipeline Solution

February 22, 2011

Available at a low-cost of $20, ChipWrights' new image sensor color pipeline solution is for cameras using non-System-on-Chip (SoC) sensors based on ChipWrights’ CW5631 SoC. The solution requires a CW5631 SoC and a DDR2 DRAM; it can be employed in tandem with a second CW5631 SoC, which can be used as a system processor or as a stand-alone image sensor pipeline in existing camera designs.

360 degree camera reference design

360 Degree Camera Reference Design on Display at Embedded-Live Conference

September 21, 2010

ChipWrights will display its 360 degree camera reference design at the Embedded-Live Conference in Booth 321 (SabreDev.stand 321) via distributor Sabre Advanced Micro Ltd. The conference, held on October 19-21, 2010 in London is part of the global conference series for Electronic Design Innovation and System Design and Development. Visit for more information.


Linux Application Development Kit Ideal for IPTV Set Top Box and IP Camera Markets

August 18, 2010

Linux® Application Development Kit for the CW5631 System-on-Chip (SoC) provides necessary components to develop low-cost IPTV set-top box (STB) and IP camera solutions and significantly improve time to market.

CamVu Dome Camera

ChipWrights' CW5631 SoC Selected as DSP for Video Surveillance Camera

June 17, 2010

CCTV Giant Dedicated Micros has selected the CW5631 System-on-Chip (SoC) as the video DSP for its CamVu Mini-Dome IP Cameras.


ChipWrights adds OpenEmbedded Support to Software Development Kit

February 9, 2010

New Linux® software development kit provides OpenEmbedded support for developers who are designing multimedia applications based on the CW5631 System-on-Chip.


Hardware Development Kit Speeds Design of Video Processing Applications

January 20, 2010

New hardware development kit based on the CW5631 System-on-Chip is widely used in the design of multimedia applications. Target applications include: IP cameras, IPTVs, digital video recorders, personal media players, digital signage, and video conferencing.

360 degree camera reference design

ChipWrights' Latest Software Release is Prime for IP Camera Market

November 4, 2009

ChipWrights stacks its latest software release with major improvements to its DSP libraries and Linux support, making it possible to implement a dome fish-eye (360 degree) camera with dewarping and filtering functionality using ChipWrights’ CW5631 System-on-Chip.


ChipWrights Launches New Website

October 20, 2009 Newly-designed website,, is a user-friendly environment where solution providers can get detailed product information, technical illustrations and close-up product photographs in an easy-to-navigate format. 


ChipWrights Releases Software Development Kit with VMware Support

August 10, 2009 Developers now have the flexibility to develop code for ChipWrights’ CWvX CW5631 SoC processor using any host operating system supported by VMware®, such as Windows®-based and various Linux®-based versions.

Linux® Software

ChipWrights Marks Major Milestone with First Linux® Software Release

June 22, 2009 ChipWrights, Inc. - part of AD Group – announced the availability of its media browser software for the CW5631 processor. The software provides the components to build a multimedia product that runs under the Linux operating system on a CW5631 processor target platform.


ChipWrights Solves Video and Power Performance Issues for Netbook Developers

April 21, 2009 ChipWrights, Inc. - part of AD Group – touts its multi-core CW5631 SoC as the optimal solution for netbook developers struggling to implement successful web video and Linux® support without driving costs sky-high. The CW5631 is an ARM processor-based SoC that achieves excellent video performance at cost-effective price and power points; it also combines a CWv16 ViSP (SIMD processor with sixteen 32-bit parallel processor datapaths) and a RISC Serial Application Processor.


Portable Multimedia Player based on ChipWrights' CW4512 DSP is Brought to Market in Japan

February 13, 2009

ChipWrights, Inc. - part of AD Group - announces that the D-Motion PMP is now being offered in Japan. The D-Motion is a full-function PMP that uses the ChipWrights CW4512 DSP as its core processor.

Data Flow

ChipWrights’ Innovative Approach Optimizes SoC Internal Dataflow

January 29, 2009

Cary Robins, President of ChipWrights and SoC technology expert, highlighted ChipWrights’ innovative approach to solving dataflow issues common in traditional SoC technology when he spoke at the IP Based Electronic System Conference and Exhibition (IP 08).

IPTV Deluxe

ChipWrights Releases New Feature-Rich IPTV Set Top Box Reference Design

January 28, 2009

ChipWrights, Inc., part of AD Group, announces the release of its new IPTV set top box reference design.


ChipWrights and Micro Digital Announce SMX USB 2.0 Stack for CW5631 Processor

January 26, 2009

ChipWrights and Micro Digital Announce the Implementation of Micro Digital's SMX USB 2.0 Stack for CW5631 Processor.

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Cary Robins

Cary Robins to Present Research Paper at IP 08

December 2, 2008

ChipWrights President and expert on SoC technology, Cary Robins, will present a research paper at the IP Based Electronic System Conference and Exhibition (IP 08).

Nick Taylor

Director of Hardware Engineering Names CW5631 SoC as Core for New Product Designs

November 18, 2008

AD Group’s new Director of Hardware Engineering is excited about ChipWrights technology and the versatility the technology will provide his engineering team. Several new product designs based on ChipWrights’ technology are currently in development

Mass High Tech Logo

Mass High Tech Interviews ChipWrights President

November 12, 2008

ChipWrights President, Cary Robins, was interviewed by Mass High Tech, The Journal of New England Technology.


Cary Robins

AD Group Appoints Cary Robins President of ChipWrights

October 16, 2008

ChipWrights, Inc., a subsidiary of AD Group, announces the appointment of Cary Robins to President. Robins has been at the helm of ChipWrights since 2005, when AD Group added the semiconductor company to its portfolio of high-tech companies.


ChipWrights Offers IPTV Set Top Box Reference Design with a $30 Bill of Materials

August 7, 2008

ChipWrights, Inc., a subsidiary of AD Group, announces new IPTV solution that combines its powerful CW5631 SoC and extensible software platform to create an all-in-one solution for developers looking to create premium IPTV solutions. The design supports advanced features such as digital video recording, support for a wide-array of video and audio formats, a complete set of on-chip peripherals, and ultimate flexibility through software programmability for both the control and video functionality.


ChipWrights Hardware Development Kit Provides Complete Reference Platform for CW5631 SoC

January 2, 2008

ChipWrights releases its Hardware Development Kit (HDK) with essential hardware design components and provides complete software design capability. Developers can build premium embedded audio and video designs on a fully-integrated hardware platform that facilitates short development times and quick time to market.


ChipWrights Incorporates the ARM926EJ-S™ Processor into its CW5631 SoC

September 11, 2007

ChipWrights’ multicore CW5631 System-on-Chip will provide developers with a fast and reliable development platform due in part to the integration of the ARM926EJ-S™ processor.