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ChipWrights Offers IPTV Set Top Box Reference Design with a $30 Bill of Materials

August 7, 2008

Single Chip Solution is Built on the Powerful CW5631 SoC Platform

ChipWrights, Inc., a subsidiary of AD Group, announces new IPTV solution that combines its powerful CW5631 SoC and extensible software platform to create an all-in-one solution for developers looking to create premium IPTV solutions. The design supports advanced features such as digital video recording, support for a wide-array of video and audio formats, a complete set of on-chip peripherals, and ultimate flexibility through software programmability for both the control and video functionality.

The design is expected to give developers a quick and cost-effective solution to integrate next generation functionality into their designs. “Nobody in the industry can match our combination of cost, features, small size and low power,” said Cary Robins, President of ChipWrights, based in Bedford, Massachusetts.

Two designs will be available. The now-available mini design provides the essential functionality to support an IPTV solution, including composite video output, stereo audio output, Ethernet, IR Remote Control receiver, and an option for an SD-card, an IDE or CE-ATA hard drive. The forthcoming full design will support additional features often used in IPTV applications, including S-Video and HDMI video outputs, USB-OTG, Compact Flash memory, and support for a SATA hard drive.

The CW-IPTV leverages the powerful processing capabilities of the feature-packed CW5631 SoC. The CW5631 SoC combines an ARM926EJ-S RISC processor; the ChipWrights proprietary 16 datapath vector DSP; a RISC processor for serial applications; and a rich-set of on-chip peripherals. The Linux (or eCos) embedded operating system running on the ARM926EJ-S processor gives OEMs the flexibility to easily integrate value-added features into the CW-IPTV. “With the built-in support for the Linux operating system and completed ports of graphics packages like QT4, the platform can also be used to add Browser and RDP capabilities to video equipment at extremely low cost and overhead,” added Robins. For critical real-time systems and high reliability applications, ChipWrights also supports the eCos embedded operating system and its associated infrastructure.

The reference design can be used in stand-alone set top box products or for embedding into other video-centric products, such as televisions or media players.

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