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ChipWrights Hardware Development Kit Provides Complete Reference Platform for CW5631 SoC

Jan 02, 2008

ChipWrights releases its Hardware Development Kit (HDK) with essential hardware design components and provides complete software design capability. Developers can build premium embedded audio and video designs on a fully-integrated hardware platform that facilitates short development times and quick time to market.

The HDK provides easy access to standard multimedia applications and tools so developers can build better applications faster and at a lower cost. “We are dedicated to providing our customers with a complete development platform that supports: software design in both simulation and on target hardware; hardware interfaces for all the peripheral devices that the CW5631 SoC supports; flexible hardware connectivity options to allow customer evaluation of proprietary peripheral hardware; early development of device driver software prior to customer hardware; and many of the tools and devices necessary to debug and to evaluate their designs,” said Cary Robins, General Manager of the Bedford, Massachusetts-based ChipWrights.

The HDK includes the ChipWrights Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK facilitates the development and debug of code directly on the CWvX hardware using the Eclipse™ framework. The result is “a complete hardware and software development environment that allows early design, prototyping, and debug which results in significant reduction of the overall product development time,” said Robins.

The kit includes several flexible interfaces, which allow the emulation of most development environments for rapid development of software before target hardware exists, Ethernet and USB connections, RS-232 interface, on-board flash for boot code, programmable external I/O, integrated debugging with the ChipWrights SDK, GPIO pins for design flexibility, and a sample application that provides a baseline for most customer applications.

“We hope that customers will take our sample application framework and build upon it so that they can quickly develop their own more complex applications,” said Robins. “This will allow our customers to spend less time on product infrastructure and focus more on their own value-added technology,” he added.

Kit components include the HDK board set featuring the CW5631 device; documentation and schematics; one copy of the SDK; 5 volt wall wart power supply; video camera; LCD display for viewing output video; cables for USB, audio and video, Ethernet, RS-232, and 25-pin parallel port; plus, Secure Digital and Compact Flash storage cards, infrared remote control, JTAG wiggler and electrostatic wrist strap.

About the CW5631 SoC

The ChipWrights CW5631 Visual Signal Processor (ViSP) is an embedded System-on-Chip (SoC) development platform designed for multi-purpose portable devices that require rapid digital imaging processing, low die size, and low power consumption. The CW5631 offers an alternative to fixed function devices in imaging applications. It is optimized to handle large volumes of streaming data while providing a scalable and programmable platform. The chip combines a CWv16 DSP (SIMD processor with sixteen 32-bit parallel processor datapaths), a RISC Serial Application Processor, and an ARM926EJ-S RISC processor for control operations. It also features streaming video input and output ports, Hi-speed USB, I2S/AC97 audio, Compact Flash, Secure Digital/MMC card, and 10/100 Ethernet interfaces, in addition to other SoC features. This makes the CW5631 an ideal platform for portable or embedded digital media products.

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