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ChipWrights Solves Video and Power Performance Issues for Netbook Developers

April 21, 2009

ChipWrights, Inc. - part of AD Group – touts its multi-core CW5631 SoC as the optimal solution for netbook developers struggling to implement successful web video and Linux® support without driving costs sky-high. The CW5631 is an ARM processor-based SoC that achieves excellent video performance at cost-effective price and power points; it also combines a CWv16 ViSP (SIMD processor with sixteen 32-bit parallel processor datapaths) and a RISC Serial Application Processor.
The CW5631 performs MPEG4 decode at 720p30 and H.264 decode at 480p30, which is “perfect” for netbooks that play video, says Cary Robins, President of ChipWrights. The chip supports video decode of MPEG 1/2/4, H.264 (AVC), MJPEG, WMV 7/8, H263+, FLV (Flash H263 Variant), and audio decode of MPEG1 Audio Layer 2/3, AC-3, AAC, Vorbis, WMA V1/V2, ADPCM, G.276. Its embedded ARM processor runs the Linux kernel and libraries layered on top of that.

A fully-featured Eclipse™ IDE for both the ARM and ViSP processors allows easy code development and debugging. Reference code is provided for a fully operational Linux Media Player solution, based on 2.6.29 Kernel, with a number of IPTV example applications, including IP VOD players, with full support for Wi-Fi and other peripherals over either SDIO or USB. The package also includes a QT framework as well for easy porting of existing mobile and portable solutions.

"The highly-efficient ARM and ViSP combined core provides opportunities for high quality video performance, as well as unbeatable power consumption - delivering full D1 video for around 1W", says Robins.

The CW5631 SoC is designed for multi-purpose applications that require rapid digital imaging processing, small size, and low power consumption. The CW5631 is optimized to handle large volumes of streaming data while providing a scalable and programmable platform. The chip combines a CWv16 ViSP (SIMD processor with sixteen 32-bit parallel processor datapaths), a RISC Serial Application Processor, and an ARM926EJ-S RISC processor for control operations. It also features streaming video input and output ports, composite/S-video/VGA analog video outputs, USB 2.0 OTG, I2S audio, Compact Flash, Secure Digital/MMC card, and 10/100 Ethernet interfaces, in addition to other SoC features. This makes the CW5631 an ideal platform for portable or embedded digital media products.

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