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ChipWrights' Multicore Development Platform

ChipWrights' multicore architecture provides fast processing speed, programming flexibility, and industry-standard ARM processor technology.
ChipWrights Multicore Platform
Fast The CW5631 SoC has 3 RISC-like processing engines reading 3 separate instruction streams, totalling over 1 billion serial instructions per second. The CWv16 engine performs up to 8 billion 16-bit multiply-accumulates per second.
Flexible Fully programmable processors do not rely on dedicated hardware assist. This offers the greatest flexibility for modifying algorithms and system requirements without redesigning the chip or the hardware.
Easy-to-port-to The CW5631 SoC has an industry-standard ARM 926EJ-S core as its control processor. This provides a wealth of off-the-shelf software for operating systems, file systems, protocol stacks, and hardware drivers. Customers can do all of their application development on the ARM processor, while using an API to do remote procedure calls to library functions on the DSP.
Easy-to-Develop-on Programming the CWv16 is done with Eclipse™, an industry-standard GUI that supports source-level compose-compile-link-debug on hardware or a chip-level simulator. The simulator does instruction-level performance profiling, and checks for out-of-range accesses and arithmetic overflows. The parallel features are supported by a vectorizing C++/C compiler, intrinsics, or a high-level assembler. Evaluation boards support the chip's IO features. Reference designs are available.
CW5631 Technology Block Diagram

CW5631 Technology diagram

CW5631 Technology
Block Diagram