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Management Team
Cary Robins

Cary Robins - General Manager/VP Engineering

Under Cary's leadership and technical guidance, ChipWrights developed and brought to market the innovative and versatile CW5631 System-On-Chip. Before being appointed President, Cary held positions as Director of Hardware Engineering and Vice President of Engineering where he expanded ChipWrights ASIC capabilities, refocused its software tools and embedded software efforts, and restructured its manufacturing operations. Cary first came to ChipWrights as an ASIC architect with responsibility as Technical Lead and Program Manager for the very successful CW4512. Before ChipWrights, Cary was the Director of Hardware Engineering at Chinook Communications where he built a team of ASIC and hardware engineers and led the development of a set top box implementing ground breaking technology in video compression and error correction coding.

Before that Cary was a founder of startup Top Layer Networks where he led the Network Processor development and helped implement the industry's first Application Layer Network Switch. Cary was the 3Com representative to the IEEE 802.3z standards committee where he helped develop the Gigabit Ethernet standard.

Cary holds an MSEE degree from Northeastern University and a BSEE degree from the University of Michigan. Cary has been awarded four U.S. patents.
John Redford

John Redford - Chief Technology Officer

John is a co-founder of ChipWrights. He invented the architecture of the company's proprietary DSP, wrote the first versions of the assembler and simulator, and continues to oversee the specification and development of the company's chips. John has written key pieces of the company's imaging and codec libraries, including the video processing pipeline.

Before ChipWrights, John was an ASIC architect at Oak Technology and Pixel Magic, where he developed chips and software to handle the imaging and color needs of digital office equipment. He started his career at Digital Equipment Corp in 1981, where he worked on full-custom VAX and Alpha microprocessor chips.

John holds a MSEE from Stanford and a BSEE from MIT, and has 10 granted patents.