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Hardware Development Kit: Digital Audio and Video Applications

ChipWrights' hardware development kit is a complete reference platform that provides an easy way to evaluate our powerful CW5631 System-on-Chip. The hardware development kit is ideal for digital audio and video processing applications:

The hardware development kit provides essential hardware design components, plus complete software design capability via the ChipWrights' Software Development Kit to design digital audio and video processing applications: IP cameras (360-degree cameras, security cameras, CCTV cameras), IPTVs, personal media players, and digital signage and video conferencing applications.

Hardware Development Kit Contents include everything necessary to build premium embedded digital audio and video processing applications, such as IP cameras, IPTV set top boxes, and digital signage applications, on a fully-integrated hardware development platform.


Hardware Development Kit Benefits
  • Develop and debug code directly on hardware

  • Advanced board-level debugging and testing tools

  • Flexible interfaces allow rapid prototyping and testing

  • IDE emulation for rapid software development before target hardware exists

  • Easy field upgrades

  • Programmable external I/O clocks and high-speed external buffers allow code testing at full I/O speed

  • Ethernet and USB connections permit quick transfer of large amounts of application data for quick analysis and debug

  • Examine and modify registers, internal and external memory, and system-level buffers