5 megapixel camera - turnkey solution

CW5631 SoC - Low Cost Comprehensive System-on-Chip Design

The CW5631 Visual Signal Processor (ViSP) is a System-on-Chip (SoC) designed for multi-purpose applications that require high-performance digital image processing, small size, and low power. The CW5631 SoC is an ideal choice for decision-makers looking to develop optimal solutions at a low cost and in a quick time to market.

Design premium embedded multimedia designs for applications such as:

  • IPTVs
  • IP cameras
  • Personal media players
  • Digital video recorders
  • Digital signage applications

Three Independent and Programmable Processing Cores:

  • CWv16 SIMD DSP: Vector processor with sixteen 32-bit parallel datapaths controlled by a single instruction stream. Efficiently processes 2D data (still image and video processing), and array processing applications (audio encoding/decoding; encryption/ decryption). Typically, the CWv16 core runs audio and video codecs, image processing and image manipulation algorithms, and other computationally-intensive requirements of the system software.

  • ARM926EJ-S RISC: Industry-standard ARM® 926EJ-S RISC core from ARM, Ltd. runs the operating and file systems, and most of the peripheral control software systems. With Memory Management hardware, it supports the true Linux operating system. It targets multi-tasking applications, providing complete memory management, high performance, small die size, and low power.

  • Serial Application Processor: Propietary RISC processor core. Processes applications that are inherently serial and do not benefit from SIMD processing. Examples of these algorithms include all forms of Run Length Encoding from Huffman Encoding and Decoding, Context Adaptive Variable Length Coding (CAVLC), and Context Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding (CABAC) found in the Advanced Video Codec (AVC) standard.


CW5631 SoC Benefits
  • Highly integrated complete SoC results in small footprint and low-cost designs

  • Low power: Excellent for portable and embedded designs

  • Fully programmable SIMD DSP engine: Completely flexible for computation

  • Industry-standard ARM core: Runs Linux OS and a huge library of open source software

  • Heterogeneous multi-processing:

    3 processor cores, specializing in distinct parts of the typical embedded video system application

    Results in optimal power and cost

  • SIMD processor: Best architecture for 2D pixel processing. Performance/power ratios rival fixed function hardware

  • Lowest-cost single-chip solution