5 megapixel camera - turnkey solution

CW5521 Block Diagram

CW5521 System-on-Chip

The CW5521 System-on-Chip is a scalable and programmable development platform designed for portable digital media applications, such as digital media players, still cameras, and digital video recorders. The CW5521 combines RISC processing and 16 parallel vector processing units supplemented by embedded memory and a diverse instruction set. The CW5521 brings the flexibility of programmable processing to markets traditionally restricted to fixed function ASICs.

The CW5521 optimizes large volumes of streaming data for enhanced video and image processing, supports new sensor technologies, offers improved photo finishing, and supports designs that combine functionalities, such as a camcorder and personal digital video recorder. The CW5521 has 16 parallel datapaths and includes standard CWvX architectural components.


CW5521 SoC Benefits
  • SIMD DSP Engine provides complete flexibility for computation

  • Highly integrated system results in small footprint and low-cost designs; 256-pin low-profile BGA package

  • Low Power: Excellent for portable and embedded designs; long battery life

  • Proven development platform and software programmability ensure quick time to market, optimal flexibility, and reduced development cost