5 megapixel camera - turnkey solution

CW4512 System on Chip

CW4512 System-on-Chip

Built on the proven processing performance of ChipWrights' ViSP technology, the ChipWrights' CW4512 System-on-Chip provides extensive peripheral support for today’s portable media devices. The inclusion of specific interfaces for connecting to CCD and CMOS image sensors, analog and digital displays, audio CODECs, Secure Digital, and USB, combined with support for a variety of video and audio formats makes the CW4512 System-on-Chip an ideal replacement for fixed function devices.


CW4512 SoC Benefits
  • Fully programmable integrated RISC/DSP processor designed for camera applications
  • Integrated digital camera I/O and fully C-programmable image processing engine

  • SIMD DSP engine provides complete flexibility for computation

  • Highly integrated system results in small footprint and low-cost designs; 256-pin low-profile BGA package

  • Low Power: Excellent for portable and embedded designs; long battery life

  • Proven development platform and software programmability ensure quick time to market, optimal flexibility, and reduced development cost