With product requirements becoming more complex and sophisticated and end-users more demanding, developers need technology that enable applications with smarter image processing, higher performance and flexibility. With over 10 years experience developing high-tech solutions, and partnerships with leading manufacturers, ChipWrights understands those requirements. Our CWvX architecture enables you to deliver high-performance image and video processing products at cost-effective prices.
Digital Signage
Digital Signage

ChipWrights CWvX platform enables developers to design full-featured digital signage applications right out-of-the-box.

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Persona Media Player
Personal Media Player (PMP)

ChipWrights' SoCs are well-suited for mass market applications. Our SoCs are low-cost and provide a high level of integration, low power and feature flexibility.

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IP Security Camera
IP Security Camera

ChipWrights products are ideal for situations where high quality images are required. Offering up to six times the resolution of analog cameras, the Dedicated Micros CamVu 1998 is built on the CW5521 SoC platform.

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IP Security DVR
Security Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

ChipWrights' programmable architecture is an ideal foundation for critical video and audio applications, such as security DVRs, offering scaleable solutions that encompass integrated video capture, recording, transmission and viewing.

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