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Software Development Kit Specifications

Software Development Kit Components
Eclipse Basic IDE
The SDK is built on the Eclipse framework (industry-standard, open-source, extensible environment).
  • Add new tools to the platform by building plug-ins that extend the system
  • CWvX-specific plug-ins allow users to build and debug CWvX programs
  • Access SDK components through an easy-to-use GUI in Eclipse or from the command line
CWvX C/C++ Compiler
ANSI®-compliant compiler translates source code into object code to run on your CWvX target.
  • Performs automatic vectorization
  • Generates applications and libraries for the CWvX SoC
  • Provides ANSI C library
    o Customized C/C++ functions used to develop CWvX projects
    o Project files for different configurations of the standard libraries
CWvX Assembler
Generates a program file out of your project's object files.
  • CAS is a true assembly language designed specifically for CWvX processors.
  • Use the assembler to translate your CAS code into machine language.
CWvX Linker
Generates a program file out of your project's object files.
  • Extended functions allow control of the organization and execution of code.
  • Links the object code generated by the compiler and assembler.
  • Generates executable files or libraries.
CWvX Archiver
  • Creates a library, in the conventional libXXX.a form, from a collection of compiled objects. This library can be easily linked into executable projects.
CWvX Simulator
External launch tool that you can select on which to run your application code.
  • Emulates the CWvX SoC's behavior in software
  • Fetches and decodes CWvX instructions; calls a function that simulates the original instruction
  • Models stalls in the processing pipeline; reports the number of non-operational instruction cycles
  • Models I-Cache's behavior, allowing developers to find regions where I-Cache misses may occur
  • Models interrupt behavior; calculates the stalls used to handle the interrupt
CWvX Profiler
Reports on application execution.
  • Outputs an HTML file that lists the CWvX instructions generated (divided into logical blocks)
  • Analyzes each line of code, includes times executed, execution cycles, disassembly, stalls
  • The report explains how to interpret the report and correct stalls
Use the GNU tool chain to program the embedded ARM processor. The ARM SDK tools are based on standard GNU GCC tools:
  • C Compiler
  • C++ Assembler
  • Linker
  • Makefile facilities
  • ARM GNU Debugger
  • openocd/Olimex
  • Eclipse GNUARM plug-in
Tool Chains
The SDK includes these tool chains:
  • CWvX Tool Chain – Produces code for CWvX and SAP processors
  • OpenEmbedded GNU Tool Chain – Produces code for the ARM processor (runs ChipWrights-supplied version of Linux)
GNU Debuggers
Provides full GDB functionality.
  • Two GNU (GDB) debuggers provided: CWvX and ARM
  • Launch debuggers through the Eclipse IDE or from the command line
  • The debuggers connect to the simulator or a development board to debug software
  • The debuggers communicate with the board through the JTAG port


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