5 megapixel camera

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5 mp spec table

5 megapixel camera reference design

5 mp product brief

5 megapixel camera

5 Megapixel 360 Degree Camera Reference Design

This high-resolution, network-connected camera features the digital image processing power and flexibility of the CW5631 System on Chip. This powerful SoC combines an ARM® 926EJ-S RISC processor, proprietary vector DSP, proprietary RISC processor for serial applications, and a rich set of on-chip peripherals.

The camera is powered by a Power-over-Ethernet connection or with an auxilliary 12V DC power source. The system uses an Aptina™ 5MP CMOS sensor and M12 lens mount with a fisheye lens.

The camera uses dual CW5631 SoCs to achieve optimal performance:

  • One SoC is configured as the image pipeline
  • One SoC is configured as a system processor:
    • Performs MJPEG, MPEG4, or H.264 compression
    • Controls Ethernet connection, SD card
    • Runs local DVR functionality
    • Runs a web server for browser-based control

Benefits of our 5 megapixel 360 degree camera:

  • Virtual PTZ capability emulates traditional PTZ cameras with no moving parts
  • Adaptable video output: single, panoramic, quad, optional fiip views
  • Transmission via Ethernet, plus a variety of video outputs
  • Ability to run video analytics on chip
  • Analog video and streaming IP video output options
  • Ultra-wide viewing angles provide 180 degree by 360 degree views
  • View 360 degrees with one camera; no blind spots, less maintenance; no moving parts
  • Select any section of video with electronic pan, tilt, zoom (auto panning)
  • No external image processing software necessary
  • Local storage in uSD card or Nand flash (provides local DVR capability)
  • Easy browser-based configuration
  • Eclipse® IDE-based tool flow; mature compiler and assembler
  • Embedded Linux OS; easy integration of value-added features
  • Small form factor: ceiling mount, wall mount, or table-top placement
  • Low cost bill of material


Advanced Image Processing
  • Image Dewarping: Fisheye, Wide-angle Lens

  • Scaling and Rotation (optional)

  • Color Conversion

  • Deinterlacing

  • Alpha-blend, Chroma-key (optional)

  • Bad Pixel Interpolation, Auto White Balance, Auto Exposure, Black Level Clip, Lens Shading Correction

  • Filters: Convolution, Median, Erode, Dilate, Sobel (optional)

  • Pixel Operations: Threshold, Unsharpen Mask, Negative, Brightness/contrast, Noise Reduction
Turnkey Camera Solution
ChipWrights offers a turnkey camera solution that includes the 5 megapixel reference design, but comes with additional key items for an off-the-shelf solution and a fast time to market.