360 Degree Camera

360 Degree Camera Reference Design

ChipWrights' 360 degree camera reference design is based on the CW5631 System on Chip. Use the camera reference design to design a high-performance CCTV or video surveillance camera. The camera reference design offers a solid camera design platform that speeds development and reduces bill of materials costs.

Our 360 degree camera reference design is an excellent platform to build your monitoring systems and closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

Benefits of our 360 degree camera reference design:

  • Delivers high-quality high definition images
  • Programming flexibility leads to faster time to market
  • Ability to run video analytics on chip
  • Ultra-wide viewing angles provide 180 degree and 360 degree views
  • 360 degree viewing angle simultaneously records the environment
  • Viewers see uninterrupted 360 degree angles of the room
  • Camera can zoom in/out and move to various areas
  • Small form factor: ceiling-mount or table top placement


Advanced Image Processing
  • Dewarping: fisheye, wide-angle lens

  • Scaling and rotation

  • Color conversion

  • Deinterlacing

  • Alpha-blend, chroma-key

  • Lens shading correction

  • Filters: convolution, median, erode, dilate, Sobel

  • De-interlacing

  • Pixel operations: threshold, unsharpen mask, negative, brightness/contrast