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360 Degree Camera

2 Megapixel Camera Reference Design - 360 Degree Viewing

ChipWrights' 2 megapixel camera reference design is based on the CW5631 System on Chip (SoC). Use the camera reference to develop high-performance CCTV or video surveillance cameras. The camera reference design offers a flexible design plaform that speeds development. The integration of the CW5631 SoC reduces bill of materials costs.

Our 2 Megapixel 360 degree camera reference design is an excellent platform to build your monitoring systems and closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

Benefits of our 2 Megapixel 360 degree camera reference design:

  • Delivers high-quality high definition images
  • Programming flexibility leads to faster time to market
  • Ability to run video analytics on chip
  • Ultra-wide viewing angles provide 180 degree by 360 degree views
  • Record complete 360 degree view of room, then use PTZ during playback
  • Digital Pan, Tilt, Zoom with no moving parts
  • Small form factor: ceiling-mount, wall-mount, or table top placement


Advanced Image Processing
  • Image Dewarping: Fisheye, Wide-angle Lens

  • Video Compression: MJPEG, MPEG4, H.264

  • Scaling and Rotation

  • Color Conversion

  • Auto White Balance

  • Auto Exposure

  • Black Level Clip, White Clamp

  • Bad Pixel Interpolatioin

  • Alpha-blend

  • Lens Shading Correction

  • Color Correct

  • Bayer Interpolation

  • Luminance Equalization

  • Denoising Filter

  • Pixel Operations: Threshold, Unsharpen Mask, Negative, Brightness/contrast